Embossing of images and logotypes on fabric

We can emboss logotypes, text, pictures, illustrations, and photos on garments, details of cutting and different fabrics.

У Depending on the needs of a client we can choose optimal in terms of price and quality method of:

1. Embossing using thermo stable films by Poli-Tape KlebefolienGMBH (Germany).

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The variety of films allows to create images of different colors and texture (flex, flock, structural, metallized, reflect, etc.) Such images are very stable to washing and dry-cleaning. Image edges come out very distinct, which makes possible to emboss small elements.

The main advantage of this method is possibility to produce and emboss images in small quantities starting with one item and in very short time period (“for today”).

2. Embroidery

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Embroidery is conducted on high-tech Japanese equipment which allows embroidering on any types of fabric. Max. size of an image – 60 х 40 cm. Minimum order quantity – 50 images.

3. Silk-screen printing and thermo transfer

These methods are usually used for large quantity orders. Silk-screen printing is used for embossing middle size images starting with 200 pieces.

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Manufacture of thermo transfers also demands large quantities but allows embossing the order by part. For example, we can manufacture 1000 prints but emboss only 100 on the fabric. The rest can be put out on the stock for the future orders.

For your convenience, e-mail us the image, indicate necessary size and quantity and we will propose the most appropriate method of embossing and the preliminary price.