About Us

Company “Oltex” belongs to a number of largest enterprises in Western Ukraine that produce corporate uniform and textile souvenirs, has its own production facilities and involves most modern sewing and print technologies.


Since 1999 we are dealing with placing all sorts of sewing orders for European producers at sewing production sites in Western Ukraine. We assisted to a number of foreign companies on different stages of their cooperation with Ukrainian subcontractors such as: search of an appropriate subcontractors, holding business negotiations, preparing legal bases, logistic assistance, cooperation with customs and other state authorities, quality control on different stages of sewing production, consulting services concerning establishing, start and development of sewing facility in Ukraine, increase of it’s efficiency, HR search and trainings.

In 2004 Private Enterprise “Company”OLTEX” was established and starting from 2005 we began to provide print services on clothing, fabric and cutting details.

June 2007 - our own sewing production site started, which includes all stages of garment production such as cutting, sewing, quality control, embroidery, print, packing etc.

Today OLTEX is more than just quality corporate garments and uniform producer or efficient sewing partner. Every day we try to increase the number and quality of our sewing in Ukraine services. Our main task is to reach mutually beneficial and open relations with our clients no matter is it a supermarket chain, powerful European producer or a small café, local carwash, little souvenir shop. We aim for a perfect quality of production and fulfillment of delivery terms. That is what differ us from local competitors. Our advantage – this is our experience and our high quality products and services.

The main activity lines of OLTEX are:

1. Providing sewing services in Ukraine for foreign and local companies using Customer’s materials and samples (sewing subcontracting)

2. Design, production and sales of corporate clothing and textile souvenirs.

3. Image and logotype embossing on fabric and garments

4. Agent and consulting services concerning sewing production.

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We hope our acquaintance will lead to mutually beneficial cooperation.